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Most people have an idea of what irrigation is. It’s water being sprayed and spread onto a property. You can see and hear it. But our view on irrigation is very different. Simply put, it’s about the result. To us, an irrigation system needs to be transparent. The health of the lawn, beds and landscaping is the only visible part of the irrigation system that really matters. Well, that and how we maximize the conservation of the water as well. A great system needs to be dependable, consistent, smart and user friendly. Interestingly enough, that is the philosophy of our company. Get started on your system today and let’s talk about enhancing your property.

Our irrigation services include:

  • Lawns
  • Landscape beds
  • Ornamentals and trees
  • Drip irrigation
  • Hanging and container irrigation
  • Water collection

The Installation Process – What To Expect:
Irrigation ExampleStep 1:
After we have made initial contact with you and you recognize the need for professional irrigation service, we setup an appointment to come out and meet you on your property. During our visit, we will go over the landscaping and outdoor dynamics you currently have, plus any future changes you are considering. We walk the property with you and explain how the system works and how the different areas of the property will be covered. In addition, we confirm the water source location for the connection.

Step 2:
At our office, we begin the process of estimating the materials, heads, pipes, valves and labor needed and draft them into proposal format. This will then be delivered, with the cost estimate, to you.

Step 3:
Once the proposal is accepted, signed and returned with a deposit, your installation is scheduled. We contact Miss Utility to prepare for digging and make all necessary arrangements so you are not inconvenienced and the process can meet your deadlines and avoid issues.

Step 4:
The installation begins. The plumbing inside the house is the first element. The connection is made by our certified master plumber. The entire irrigation system is then installed. This includes pipe, wire, valves, heads, driplines and controllers. All digging, trenching and connections are performed and made. After the initial installation, your system is checked by a Nature Unlimited Field Manager. From this evaluation, a zone chart is generated.
Your system is almost complete and we setup a final walkthrough with you to understand and approve. Any final adjustments are made. The zone chart is handed over to you and fully explained. We finish the process with final billing and establishing a service agreement.

Step 5:
You enjoy a healthier outdoor home environment that's virtually maintenance free and runs itself.


Can I run the system from my hose bib?
No. A system must be tied into your home water source. You will need much greater pressure than a simple hose bib to provide for the whole system. The connection to the water source is made by our registered plumber.

Can I save water, be GREEN and still get all the benefits from my system?
Yes. Turf needs on average about 1" of water per week and plants need between .5" to 1" depending on the plant type, grading and sun exposure.  You should adjust your control box weekly as the rainfall and temperatures change. 

What should I look for in an irrigation installation company?
Make sure they are Certified irrigation contractors.  To become certified (nationally), the contractors must take courses in all phases of the industry. Reputation. A qualified referral is an excellent tool in hiring the right company. In addition, checking online lists and certifications can also ensure their quality. Be sure to validate licenses, insurance and search through previous customer feedback. Experience matters! We recommend looking at companies that been in business for a minimum of 8-10 years. Your system will require service and repair from time to time. Be sure to select a company that can easily get to your property in a timely manner.

What is a backflow preventer?
Simply put, A backflow preventer protects your potable water from the possible contaminants from your lawn. This is a required device for a large portion of our service area, however, we use them in ALL installations.

How much maintenance will my system require?
The most important service we offer is the Fall Turn Off and the Spring Turn On. In the fall we will blow all the water out of the system to eliminate the risk of freezing pipes. We also remove any pieces that have the risk of freezing and cracking. In the spring we do an overall inspection, hook the system back up and get it turned on. For more information on service, please check out our service section for details.

How do I prevent my system from watering in the rain?
All of our systems include a built-in rain sensor. This device will deactivate your sprinkler system after .5” of rainfall.

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